The 7 Signs of Synchronicity
How to Read Hints and Signs in Daily Life

Synchronicity, a term coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, is defined as inner and outer events coming together in a way that is meaningful to the observer and can’t be explained by cause and effect. In other words: a meaningful coincidence.
A synchronicity can serve as guidance, warning, affirmation, creative inspiration, confirmation that we’re on the right track. It can be evidence of individuation and psychological growth. Or it can simply serve to attune our awareness that beneath the surface of daily life there’s an underlying reality and unity that may not be immediately obvious. All synchronicities, even the ones that caution us, have a mysterious quality.
Here are seven secrets of synchronicity to help you tap into a wealth of information and insight.

Recognize that Coincidence is Meaningful

Suppose that you haven’t thought of an old college friend in years, but run across that person’s photo while cleaning out your closet. Later that day, you receive a friend request on Facebook from that individual. Or suddenly, an acquaintance you lost touch with pops into your mind and you run into that person on the street.
The message: Perhaps you should renew the friendship, because you still have something of value to offer one another. Also, the larger message is that we are all connected at a deeper level.

Synchronicities are Deeply Intertwined with our Emotions

When our emotions are heightened and our intentions are focused, stuff happens. The circumstances that trigger these emotions can range from dramatic and life changing transitions - birth, death, marriage or divorce, a move - to the ordinary dramas we encounter in the course of our lives. For instance, the death certificate of a loved one reads 6:22 a.m. and your bedside clock stopped at that exact time and no longer works, or you happened to wake up at that exact time a few minutes short of the alarm going off.
The message: While it may seem like a coincidence it could be a message that we remain connected to loved ones even beyond this life.

Synchronicity is the Granddaddy of Intuitive Phenomena

Many meaningful coincidences are also examples of intuitive experiences. Imagine that you have a feeling you should turn at a particular intersection, even though it’s not the way you usually go to work. You later discover there was a huge accident on your usual route. Or say you were supposed to go to a party of someone you have a crush on but at the last minute something told you to cancel. You later discover from friends that he was there with a date.
The message: Synchronicity often takes the form of premonitions and if you honor your gut feelings you have a better chance of keeping yourself out of harm’s way.

Creativity Lies at the Heart of Synchronicity

When you’re looking for inspiration, remain alert for synchronicities. If you’re blocked in composing a song, writing a short story, or designing a poster, take a break, do something different, and watch what happens. Perhaps an e-mail from a friend inadvertently provides you with exactly what you need. Or a voice on the radio or television offers the perfect solution, even though the comment might be related to a different subject.
The message: If you are open to receiving inspiration, it can come to you from multiple sources and change your course in a refreshing way.

Synchronicities Come in ‘Clusters’

Clusters are one of the most curious aspects of synchronicity. They show up in the form of numbers, names, words, objects or symbols. It’s an example of like attracting like--over and over. Let’s say that you repeatedly see certain number--on your clock, your microwave, the radio dial, on TV, on bills. Maybe you Google the numbers to find out if they have a particular significance and find others are experiencing the same phenomenon. Clusters invariably grab our attention and often spur us to dig deeper into their meaning.
The message: When we pay attention we’re better equipped to decipher what the ancients called “miracles of the gods.”

Synchronicity Can Reveal Itself with a Twist of Humor

Sometimes it seems there’s a trickster behind the scenes catching our attention with outrageous and humorous synchronicities. The trick with the trickster is to dig beneath the joke and find out what’s really going on. Imagine that in high school you used to harass someone because of his or her looks or habits. Years later, you get a new job and that person is your boss, and he or she remembers you very well from high school.
The message: It’s time to make amends and be more mindful of how you treat others.

Synchronicities Sometimes Manifest Through Global Events

When synchronicities become part of public events, the universe seems to be addressing us as a collective. During the memorial service for the seven astronauts who died in the 1986 Challenger disaster, millions of TV watchers witnessed a remarkable scene when a pod of dolphins surfaced after wreaths were dropped from a helicopter.
The message: All life is connected at the most profound and mysterious levels.

By Trish and Rob MacGregor