Homeopathic Secrets

When you read this report you will notice, that it’s written short and concise, without long explanations. I am trying to keep the subject simple. I do believe, that the universal truth is simple. Therefore at first glance it all might seem too simple. But I assure you, having done this for over 10 years now, I have experienced, that it is really that simple.

I have skipped the history of Homeopathy, because I know that many others before me have written about this. You can go to your library or search the Internet with the keywords: “homeopathy” and “history”. This will bring up several hours of reading.

Instead of rewriting what others have written, I’ll provide you with links to pages on the Internet, so you can explore further in the subjects that interests you.

I hope you will enjoy this essay, and remember… just because another person is saying that these things cannot be done, it does not have to be the truth!

How to create a homeopathic remedy

It’s easy to make a homeopathic remedy. As you probably know, a remedy is made by diluting a substance and then “succuss” it (shaking the bottle hard 10 times). This is called “potentization”. The most common dilution is 1/10 (decimal-X) and 1/100 (centimal-C). Higher more uncommon dilutions are 1/1000 (millesimal-M) and 1/50000 (quinquagintamillesimal-lm).

First a “mother tincture” is made. And from the mother tincture you create the actual remedies. For an example on how to create a remedy from scratch, please visit


How to copy a remedy

Let’s say you have a remedy you want to copy. With a sterile pipette or syringe, suck up 1 ml. of the remedy and place it in a new bottle. How big this is depends on how much of the copied remedy you will make. Lets say you would like to make 100 ml. To make it as close to the original remedy, it’s best to use the X dilution (1/10). So for every 1 ml. original remedy you take 9 ml. of “dilution fluid”. This can be pure grain alcohol, 70% water/30% pure grain alcohol or half vodka/half water.

Now you have 10 ml. fluid in your 100 ml. bottle. Next you have to succuss it. Shake it hard 10 times. Now you have 10 ml. of you original remedy with the only difference, that it’s potentizated one more time. So if it was originally 12 X potency it’s now 13 X.

Then take 90 ml. of your dilution fluid and pour it into your bottle. Succus it and you now have 100 ml. of the original remedy, except that its not 12 X but 14 X.

It really doesn’t matter whether it’s a 12 X, 13 X, 14 X or 15 X… As long as you stay in a reasonable range. And what’s a reasonable range? You could use a pendulum…

How to test with a pendulum

Anything that can be used as a weight can be used as a pendulum. You can use a thick needle, a pendant or whatever you have in your house. You can also buy a pendulum in a metaphysical store.

Sit with your pendulum in front of you. Say in your mind:

“Please show me how you will move for “Yes” answers.”

The pendulum should begin to move. Notice the movement. Does it turn clockwise or counter-clockwise? Or does it move from side to side, or up and down?

Do the same for “No” answers and “Don’t know/wont tell” answers.

Most people have success the first time, but don’t get disappointed if nothing happens. Just try again. Try to change your position. Try not to rest your elbow on the table. This way it’s easier for your arm to swing the pendulum. Yes, it’s your arm that does it, not the pendulum itself. The pendulum is just “showing” your subconscious through your arm…

To test if a remedy or any other product is good for you, you could do the following:

Sit with your pendulum in front of you, and ask the following question:

“Is this product good for me or for (person’s name)?”

Watch for the movement.

To test for amount of drops to take, say: “Should I take less than 10 drops?”
If yes, continue: “Should I take more than 5 drops?”
If yes, then: “Should I take 6 drops?”
If yes, then stop.

Pure energy…

When we dilute a remedy more than 12 X, no more of the original substance can be traced. It has been diluted away! So why is that the remedy still working? Because the frequency of the original substance has made a “finger print” in the water. It has been energetically altered. You can say, that what is left in the water of the “mother substance” is its energy. So the question is, can a remedy be made WITHOUT a mother substance? Yes it can!

The Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto found, that water would alter its structure when exposed to different kinds of music and prayers. Calm music made beautiful structures in the water molecules, while destructive heavy metal made it look messy. For pictures of the water, please visit www.hado.net. Very interesting…

Copying the pure energy

Another way to copy a remedy, is to “attune” to the remedies energy. To attune to something, means that you “copy” that energy into your energy field.

To attune to a remedy, you could do the following:

1. Hold the remedy in your hand for 30 seconds.

2. Say mentally to your Higher Self: “I ask to be attuned to this remedy.” The attunement starts and you can put the bottle away.

3. Wait approx. 10 minutes and the attunement is done. You are now ready to make your remedies.

Place a bottle with distilled water in front of you. Say the following mentally:

“This water will now become infused with the energy of (remedies name).”

Wait 5 seconds and the remedy is ready. Use 7 drops 3 times daily until bottle is empty.

You only need to attune yourself once. After that you can make as many remedies as you like.

When you hold the remedy in your hand, it’s important not to ask right away for attunement, but that you wait 30 seconds. This allows the energy of the remedy to fill your energy field. This attunement process works under the universal law, that what you send out will come back to you. So when you ask your Higher Self, you are sending out a prayer. And you are sending it out with the energy of that remedy, because it’s in your energy field.

HGH Enhancer Energy Plate

The HGH enhancer plate is infused with the energies of the human growth hormone, IGF-1 (HGH converts to this in the liver) & the energy of the rejuvenation and regeneration Angels.

You can use the plate in 2 ways:

1. You can place a 30 ml. bottle with distilled water on the plate and wait 5 seconds. The energy from the plate is now transferred to the water.


2. You can attune yourself to the energy. To do this, print out the plate and hold it in your hands for 30 seconds. Then mentally say the following to your Higher Self:

“I ask to be attuned to this energy.”

Put the plate away and wait 10 minutes. Many can feel the attunement as a tingling sensation, a warm experience etc. After the attunement, you can infuse your bottle with the energy. You could do it the following way:

Place the bottle with distilled water in front of you. Say the following mentally:

“This water will now become infused with the HGH Enhancer energy.”

Wait 5 seconds and the remedy is ready. Use 7 drops 3 times daily until bottle is empty. After that you decide if you would like to make a new bottle and continue with the HGH enhancer.

The next step…

After all the above information, the following could be declared:

Homeopathic remedies can be made without a physical mother-substance.

So is it then possible to make remedies, not knowing what the person needs, just by saying the following mentally?

”This water will now draw the energy needed right now for (name).”

I’ll let you answer that by yourself

I wish you all the best on you life’s path!
Love & Light,  Ole Gabrielsen

A report
Ole Gabrielsen