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Goddess Serquet
Rev Oliver Hoffman

The cultic mysteries of the scorpion goddess Serqet are subtle and deep, and although no temples to her have ever been found, she was widely worshipped throughout all of ancient Kem, and maintained her own college of initiates in both Edfu and Pselkis.  She was primarily a goddess of magic and of poisonous creatures, such as scorpions and cobras. She was also a goddess of justice, a protector of women and children, and a guardian of the Barque of Ra as it traveled along its nightly courses through the labyrinthine tunnels of Amenti.  Indeed, it was this ancient and powerful goddess who alone of the Neteru could restrain the mighty serpent Apep, the embodiment of chaos and utter destruction. This protection she extended to all.  

Serqet understands that part of our being over which we have absolutely no control and which manifests as mindless self-destruction to the extent that we fear it.  Being closely tied to the first three chakras of survival, generativity and crystallization she can also guide us towards that power which only arises within us then when we see to what extend our vigorously defended and ever so precious freedom is but a spiritual cramp composed of insecurities and misunderstandings as it stands in mute protest over against that which sweats and excretes and smells and hungers and pains and squelches and drips along its hidden way and ever does what it wills. 

Serqet represents the meeting of the animal and the deity within the matrix of self awareness-and these two understand each other perfectly well, by the way, although we in our knowing do not, neither the one nor the other, let alone both together as one.  Where we seek rationality and sense in our actions, thus tying ourselves into knots, Serqet stings us….! 
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