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Goddess Guinevere
Tracy Loper
Goddess Guinevere, Goddess of Land, Flower Maiden, Fairy Goddess of Love, Growth, Fertility, Romance, Queen of the
Round Table, Love Goddess, Ruler of the Heart, Triple Goddess, Lady Guinevere, Gwenhwyfar, Gueneve, and

Her name means “White One” which is another name for a Faery Goddess. 
She is a Goddess of the Old Ones, a Faery. In her function as Flower Maid she was a Faery Goddess of Love, growth and fertility. 

Crystals and Stones associated with Goddess Guinevere are the
garnet and the rose quartz.   

Goddess Guinevere is the Goddess of Love and Relationships and we can call upon her to help us with romance, love, and any female issues or concerns. She will help us in the area of romantic love.

We can call upon her to help us to attract love. She can lend us her dazzling, intoxicating charms so that we can wreak havoc in the world of men!  

Goddess Guinevere brings the energies of beauty and desirability so that we can attract love into our lives whether we are looking for new love or wanting to rekindle love with a romantic partner.  

She can help us to keep love alive in a romantic relationship. She can lend us qualities such as playfulness and laugher as well as romantic inspirations to keep the flame burning in romantic relationships. 

Goddess Guinevere can also be invoked to help us when we are struggling with getting our romantic needs met in a relationship.

She can empower us in such a way that we get noticed and thereby get our romantic needs fulfilled by our partner. She can help us to find what is needed to bring passion into our relationships. 

We can ask for her assistance to find or enhance love. She will not only help find love but she will help find true love. Goddess Guinevere can be called upon to help us find our soul mate. When we want a new romantic partner, we can call on Goddess Guinevere to assist us in finding a true and genuine partner that can partake in a loving relationship. 

Call upon Goddess Guinevere when you are in a place in your life where you do not want to make any commitments to anyone but you want to have fun with someone as she will help you to get in touch with your romantic nature so that you can inspire this in others
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