Crystal Being Therapy
Crystal Being Therapy is therapy for you, administered by various Crystal Beings of the Silicate group of minerals.

I am told that the Silicate Crystal Beings have a much wider range of energy skills than has previously been recorded. Many ethereal crystal systems specify various uses for each crystal.

They do indeed assist as many talented energy system founders have detailed for you in other systems; however, without extensive study of various channeled works, invariably you will not know all of their benefits.

After your Crystal Being Therapy attunement, you have the authority to ask for specific therapies that the Crystal Beings will administer to you perfectly. The Silicate Crystal Beings who are specialists for the concern you asked for help with, will arrive and administer your therapy.

Each Crystal Being Therapy will be comprised of a different combination of Silicate Crystal Beings, based on what your concerns are that day. 
Rev Mariah Windsong
Crystal Being Therapy   $21.99
You will receive the full manual via email, all attunements and an emailed  certificate.
Prompt support for all systems via e-mail guaranteed during and after any system.