There is a hierarchy of angels, which was developed through a natural process of love and light through God/Goddess. The Archangels were created and gifted  with a tremendous burst of life-force energy. Each Archangel has a specific  mission, which is engaged upon with absolute passion, perseverance and  unwavering devotion. Our spiritual destiny and the fulfillment of our divine life  purpose, is their primary focus. Each Archangel transmits a unique quality and  energy, which is focused upon our spiritual growth. Archangels have sent  fragments of themselves to stand by and guide many humans. If you feel that your  divine life mission matches one or many of the qualities of these Archangels, you  can be sure that you are working with their energy. In addition, you can call  upon any of the Archangels and they will rush to your side to assist you in any  of life's challenges. They are not constrained by time or space, so they are  able to be with everyone simultaneously. You do not need to worry about  "taking them away from something more important." They are excited and eager to work  with you and assist you along your journey.

Archangel Michael  The Angel of Protection - This powerful being of light, who's name means "Who  is Like God," has a purpose to protect as the "defender of the light and  goodness." Along with "The Band of Mercy," this awesome entity will take  negatively-minded people (both living and deceased) to the Light of God so that their  negativity can be healed. Call upon Michael to assist you whenever you feel the  presence of negative sources. He can clear negative energy from any space  (including your home, office, mind and heart.) This beautiful Archangel is the  protector of Joy and Harmony and joins you instantly at your beck and call.

Archangel Jophiel  The Angel of Creative Power - This awesome light teaches our consciousness to  discover the creative force within. Divine ideas begin to manifest as his  energy merges with your own beautiful divine essence. Jophiel coordinates with a  team of powerful, creativity angels to see each vision through to physical  manifestation. Call upon Jophiel to fill you with the perfect vision of your  highest desires. Welcome and accept the vision with gratitude and then be sure to  take action - The Angels will help you through the entire process.

Archangel Chamuel  The Angel of Adoration - Chamuel, which means "he who seeks God," anchors the  essence of adoration from the Goddess/God, to fill you with self-love and  appreciation for all of the gifts in life.To experience adoration for all of  life, you must experience all that life has to offer, even the lessons and your  feelings about those lessons. True feelings are not to be suppressed, but  expressed. Welcome opportunities to express all of your feelings in a safe,  personal, and appropriate way. Invite Chamuel to cloak you in the bliss of  adoration and he will respond. Chamuel will fill you with feelings of Self-Love and  adoration for all that is. Share this essence with others and watch as loved  ones light up when adored. God adores you, your angels adore you, please allow Chamuel to help YOU adore you and all of life's gifts!

Archangel Gabriel  The Angel of Resurrection - This loving angel who's name means "hero of God,"  is the bearer of GOOD NEWS as the voice of the Goddess/God. This archangel is a messenger who whispers in our ear of coming events, changes, and  opportunities for new experiences. This beautiful Angel restores life and light into stale areas of your life such as relationships, businesses, households, etc. Ask  Gabriel to resurrect any blocked areas of your life and fill you with the  remembrance of your divine purpose and destiny. You will receive creative ideas  and opportunities to help you get moving again.

Archangel Raphael  The Angel of Healing - Raphael, who's name means "God Heals," is charged with  the healing of our beloved Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. He begins  with purifying our minds and erasing false beliefs. It is our thoughts that  trigger health problems, not our body. All healing facilities and practitioners  (both traditional and alternative) are guided and helped by Raphael. Your  call upon Archangel Raphael invokes his presence to clear blocks within the  energy body so that the flow of universal life-force energy can heal both the cause  of the block and its physical manifestation. Health and vitality are your  natural state of being. Your symptoms give clues to help you find causes of  imbalance. Ask Raphael to guide you with clarity and love in your process of  healing and feel free to invoke him for the healing of others as well.

Archangel Uriel  The Angel of Ministration & Peace - This archangel who's name means "light of  God," brings divine light into our lives as he transforms painful memories  and restores peace to our past. He helps turn our worst disappointments into our  greatest blessings. Uriel assists us in releasing unforgiveness and  resentment. Uriel and his legions enfold us in waves of peace when we cry out to him.  Sometimes it takes the death of our most cherished dreams in the form of an  unpleasant experience in order to realize the birth of new life, understanding,  and opportunity. Uriel's goal is to assist you in anchoring yourself in love  that is strong enough to withstand negativity. Invite his essence into your  life to assist you in becoming a master of your energies.

Archangel Zadkiel The Angel of Prayer & Affirmation - This awesome archangel guards the powers  of invocation and affirmation, which are the essences of prayer. He responds  to the deepest call from your heart and encourages you to intensify this energy  through your desire. The art of prayer and affirmation is simply conversation  with God/Goddess which affirms our own personal power and connection to the  creative power of the Goddess/God. Zadkiel helps remind us to open our hearts  and minds in gratitude to receive the presence and power of the Universe. No  prayer goes unanswered. Call upon Archangel Zadkiel to help you be aware and  listen for the answer. Zadkiel reminds you to pray and affirm with faith the  power of your connection with God/Goddess.

Archangel Ramaela  The Angel of Joy - This beautiful being of light reminds us that Joy is the  nourishment for the soul. Joy is not something to be acquired, but rather a  natural state of being and to be found deep within. Ramaela reminds us that this  state of awareness has to do with attitude. Joyfulness is invigorating and  creative, naturally attuning you with the essence of the angels. Invite Ramaela  to assist you in discovering your own inner joy and share it with others as the  energy of joy transforms our life.

Archangel Mihr  The Angel of Relationships - This archangel watches over all relationships  including family, business, friends, and lovers. As a social architect, Mihr's  job is to bring people together to combine their gifts and passions to assist  Mother Earth in her progressive evolution. Mihr is the Angel to invoke to bring  assistance to your current relationships. You can also call upon this  archangel to help you attract others of like mind, who are on a similar path as  yourself to enter your life and live in harmony.

Archangel Israfel  The Angel of Music - This powerful angel and his legions embody the creative  word of God/Goddess through songs from the heart. Think of a time when you  heard music that was so powerful and beautiful that you were touched deeply by  its vibration. Archangel Israfel was there, opening your heart through sound.  Music and sound are vibration, which is a powerful tool for transformation  through the higher self. Allow the magic of music to move you into dance and  celebration of who you truly are. Call upon Israfel to invoke the sound of God  through the vibration of music as you listen to the songs of angels.

Archangel Meditron  The Angel of Thought - This archangel manages special etheric archives called  Akashic Records where all of our thoughts and actions are recorded upon a  highly sensitized screen of mental essence. It is through these records that our  attitudes and thoughts perpetually create our current life experiences as well  as our future ones. Your innermost thoughts create your outer reality through  magnetic attraction. Call upon Meditron to help you seek the cause of  negative thoughts, notice how they reflect in your life, and clear them out.

Archangel Shushienae   The Angel of Purity - This loving being of light has a mission to purify our  body, mind and spirit. When it appears that you are surrounded by emotional,  mental, and physical pollution caused by negative thought patterns, or an  unhealthful lifestyle, call upon Shushienae to help you achieve purity by infusing  you with her gentle, cleansing energy of love. As you accept her assistance,  and you purify your mind, body, and spirit, your vibratory rate will rise, as  will the frequency of Mother Earth. This state of being makes communing with  God, the angels, and all higher realms much easier and clearer as well as  contributing to the purification of our planet.

Archangel Ariel The Angel of Nature - This beautiful being of light supervises the realm of  earthly angels that are sometimes referred to as the mythical creatures we call  fairies, elves, leprechauns, etc. These so-called mythical creatures are very  real beings of light known as the Earth Angels. Ariel assists the human realm  to communicate and connect with the realm of Earth Angels. Ariel and her  legion of Earth Angels can help us to understand the natural rhythms of the earth  and experience the magic and healing properties of the trees, flowers, rocks  and soil. The Earth Angels dwell in every blade of grass, every flower petal,  every drop of water - all areas of nature. These magical beings actually make their homes in mushrooms!  So, please be mindful of this!  Would you want a  lawn mower tearing down your home?  Would you want someone stepping all over  where you live? Ask Archangel Ariel to help you connect with the realm of Earth  Angels and build a relationship of harmony and balance.