Here at Guide n Seek.com you will find hundreds of different courses...something for everyone...whether you are just starting out or looking for more advanced workshops to further your knowledge and experience.

You may be seeking help with an ongoing problem and there are numerous systems that “specialise“  and could
be just what you are looking for.

The courses I offer are varied and exciting and you can choose from a “library” of different systems that I have so
that everyone can find that unique modality that they are drawn to. It is not necessary to have lots of systems, as they all  come from the same source, unless you are going to teach and pass them on and wish to provide choices
as I have done.

You will find attunements, activations, empowerments and initiations.

Empowerments differ from attunements in that they are energies where you  pick up the essence of the animal or object etc that you are attracted to.

Attunement is usually used to describe a process where someone else opens and changes the energetic structure of a person.

Initiation is used in some systems instead of attunement because of it’s implications to a process which emerges
from within.

An Initiator simply creates a space where the initiate is able to tap into his/her own inner resources.
This procedure is about creating a remembrance, a resonance, to what is already “there”.

Activations are just what they sound like... to set in motion; make active or more active.

If you are just venturing into the world of spiritual workshops there are systems that you can use that have no
pre-requisites but I would always advise you to consider learning Reiki. It is simple to learn and easy to use and is known universally as the basis for most other systems.

I provide lots of other information to help you on your journey of discovery and I am available 7 days a week  if you
have questions or concerns.

There are a lot of
FREE self attunements...this gives you the opportunity to practice sending energy to yourself and getting a feel for it. They are also great for the experienced practitioners too.

All attunements etc. are sent as Distance Attunements via a chi ball (or energy ball) because of the time differences. There is a free manual that describes this simple, but beautiful, procedure and it can be sent to you if  you haven't
used this method before.

All systems are provided with a manual sent by email and on completion a certificate and the lineage will be sent to you also by email.

Please be aware that once a manual has been sent to you there can be no refund.
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